Marian Drugda

Academic sculptor and designer, ArtD
Born on the 7th of April 1945 in Detva. (Slovakia)
In 1972 he graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He worked as designer and in the same time he was doing his free art experiments. In 1976 he created his first variable objects and called them variabils.
Variabils are flat, relief or 3-dimensional objects, which are mostly composed from 2, 3, or 4 perforated coloured plates of various geometric shapes ordered one on the other. Many various compositions can be made by rotating and reordering them. For example there are up to 768 ones from square variabil with 3 plates. He uses this principle also in his applied work - design of lamps, toys and jewelry. He has been awarded by some prizes for his art work. He is a member of many Slovak and international organisations, he cooperates and exhibits with them. At present he works as teacher at the Faculty of Architecture at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.